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IModelManager Interface
Defines the interface for the Model Manager.

Namespace: OpenIIoT.SDK.Model
Assembly: OpenIIoT.SDK (in OpenIIoT.SDK.dll) Version:
public interface IModelManager : IManager, 
	IStateful, IEventProvider, IProvider

The IModelManager type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAutomaticRestartPending
Gets a value indicating whether the stateful object is pending an automatic restart.
(Inherited from IManager.)
Public propertyDictionary
Gets a dictionary containing the Fully Qualified Names and references to all of the Items in the model.
Public propertyEventProviderName
Gets the Event Provider name.
(Inherited from IEventProvider.)
Public propertyItemProviders
Gets the list of configured Item Providers.
Public propertyManagerName
Gets the name of the Manager.
(Inherited from IManager.)
Public propertyModel
Gets the root Item for the model.
Public propertyState
Gets the current State of the stateful object.
(Inherited from IStateful.)
Public methodAddItem
Adds an Item to the ModelManager's instance of Model and Dictionary.
Public methodAttachItem
Attaches the provided Item to the supplied Item. This method should be used only to attach plugin Items to the application model. When adding Items directly, use AddItem.
Public methodCopyItem
Creates a copy of the specified Item and stores it at the specified FQN within the default Model and Dictionary.
Public methodDeRegisterItemProvider
Removes the specified IItemProvider from the list of providers stored in the ItemProviders property.
Public methodDiscoverItemProviders
Public methodFindItem
Returns the ModelItem from the Dictionary belonging to the ModelManager instance matching the supplied key.
Public methodIsInState
Returns true if any of the specified State s match the current State.
(Inherited from IStateful.)
Public methodMoveItem
Moves the supplied Item from one place in the ModelManager's instances of Model and Dictionary to another based on the supplied FQN.
Public methodRegisterItemProvider
Adds the specified IItemProvider to the list of providers stored in the ItemProviders property.
Public methodRemoveItem
Removes an Item from the ModelManager's Dictionary and from its parent Item.
Public methodRestart
Restarts the stateful object.
(Inherited from IStateful.)
Public methodStart
Starts the stateful object.
(Inherited from IStateful.)
Public methodStop
Stops the stateful object.
(Inherited from IStateful.)
Public methodUpdateItem
Updates the supplied Item with the supplied Source Item.
Public eventStateChanged
Occurs when the State property changes.
(Inherited from IStateful.)
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