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IConfiguration Interface
The configuration for the application and all instances of Types implementing the IConfigurable interface.

Namespace: OpenIIoT.SDK.Configuration
Assembly: OpenIIoT.SDK (in OpenIIoT.SDK.dll) Version:
public interface IConfiguration

The IConfiguration type exposes the following members.

Public propertyInstances
Gets the collection of instance configurations.
Public methodAddInstanceT
Adds the specified configuration to the specified instance of the specified type.
Public methodGetInstanceT
Retrieves the configuration for the instance matching instanceName of the supplied Type. If the configuration can't be found, returns the default configuration for the Type.
Public methodIsInstanceConfigured
Determines whether the specified instance of the specified type is configured.
Public methodLoadInstancesFrom
Sets value of the Instance property to the specified instance configuration collection.
Public methodRemoveInstance
Removes the specified instance of the specified type from the configuration.
Public methodUpdateInstance
Saves the specified Configuration model to the Configuration for the specified instance and Type.
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