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Utility Class
Contains miscellaneous static methods.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: OpenIIoT.SDK.Common
Assembly: OpenIIoT.SDK (in OpenIIoT.SDK.dll) Version:
public static class Utility

The Utility type exposes the following members.

Public methodStatic memberCloneT
Returns a clone of the specified list.
Public methodStatic memberComputeFileSHA512Hash
Computes and returns the SHA512 hash of the contents of the specified file.
Public methodStatic memberComputeSHA512Hash(Byte)
Computes and returns the SHA512 hash of the specified byte array.
Public methodStatic memberComputeSHA512Hash(String)
Computes and returns the SHA512 hash of the specified string.
Public methodStatic memberGetRelativePath
Returns the path of the specified file, relative to the specified base directory.
Public methodStatic memberHasCustomAttributeT
Returns a value indicating whether Type of the specified object instance contains the specified Attribute.
Public methodStatic memberIsValidJson
Returns a value indicating whether the specified string is valid Json.
Public methodStatic memberMapFromTderived, Tbase
Maps the values of the public properties of the specified base object to the specified derived object's properties.
Public methodStatic memberShortGuid
Returns a truncated GUID.
Public methodStatic memberSubArrayT
Returns a subset of the specified array.
Public methodStatic memberTakeLastT
Returns the last N elements of the supplied IEnumerable.
Public methodStatic memberToJson
Serializes and returns as json the specified object.
Public methodStatic memberWildcardToRegex
Converts the specified wildcard pattern to a regular expression.
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