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OpenIIoT.SDK.Common Namespace

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Public classContractResolver
Represents a generic Data Contract Resolver, allowing for a list of ignored properties to be passed in upon construction.
Public classItem
Represents a single data entity within the application Model.
Public classItemChangedEventArgs
Represents the event arguments for ItemChanged events.
Public classStateChangedEventArgs
Represents the event arguments for the StateChanged event of Stateful components.
Public classUtility
Contains miscellaneous static methods.
Public interfaceIManager
Defines the interface for Manager objects.
Public interfaceIStateful
Defines the interface for Stateful components.
Public enumerationContractResolverType
Specifies how the array of properties passed to the constructor of the ContractResolver is to be used.
Public enumerationItemAccessMode
Enumeration of the different Item access modes.
Public enumerationItemQuality
Enumeration of the different ItemValue qualities.
Public enumerationItemSource
Enumeration of the different Item sources.
Public enumerationState
Enumeration of the different component states.
Public enumerationStopType
Enumeration of the circumstances under which a Stateful component can stop.