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OpenIIoT.Core.Model Namespace

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Public classModelBuildResult
The ModelBuildResult extends the Result class and adds properties to return various products of a model build operation. The model build operation produces the model itself, which implements the composite design pattern, and a dictionary used to faciliate fast lookups of model items without traversing the composite tree. Two lists are also produced; a list of resolved items and a list of unresolved items. As items are built from the list of items stored in the configuration, a number of checks and lookups are done to ensure that the items are valid. Any items that are invalid are discarded and added to the unresolved list.
Public classModelManager
The ModelManager class manages the Model for the application. TODO: pull the model stuff out into Model
Public classModelManagerConfiguration
A class representing the configuration items for the Model Manager.
Public classModelManagerConfigurationItem
A generic container for model items within the configuration.